About Thrasher Associates

For Serious Fast-Growing Businesses

You: Innovator, Manager, Executive…
… and about ten more titles and even more responsibilities.

You’ve pulled long hours and put you and your business’ reputation, money, and maybe even your employees’ jobs on the line.  At last you can see over the horizon. 

You’re proud of what you’ve built and its great new products and services.  But, what you see concerns you: like the competition, or that employee or contractor who left suddenly — or angrily.

Maybe it’s just the banker, partner, or customer who’s asking about your patents, trademarks and intellectual property?  

You know it’s time to put a professional in charge of your intellectual property.


 Like one client who saw a buyer touring his facility … and taking pictures(?!).

Something’s in the back of your mind, and now you’re concerned with how to keep others from stealing your technologies and with it, your customers.  Maybe it’s worse, and you’re reading this with a pit in your stomach as you are watching your dreams stolen right in front of you (it happened to me in a business I owned fifteen years ago).

If you feel that nudge inside, we should talk.  Especially:

  • if you are using a new, innovative product or service to grow your business …
  • if you are about to talk to about it with a supplier, manufacturer, or customer (heck, with anyone), or …
  • if you just discovered someone using your ideas or brand to “divert” business that belongs in your pocket …

    …then you’ve arrived at the right place.  This practice was built for you.


    As an entrepreneur with profitable, patent-backed exits and an inventor with patents, my journey may mirror your own in some ways, as:

  • Inventor of Patented Database Search Technologies (2005) used to create and fund White Nile Software
  • Co-Founder of Proxomo Software (2009) which successfully sold to Lucent Mobile
  • Inventor of Patented (2011) and successfully Licensed Wireless Communications Systems

After funding a pet store, a juice bar, and investing in more traditional electronic/mechanical technologies — and experiencing the trials and turmoils of entrepreneurship — in 2014 my attention returned to the practice of law, and to helping small (under 500 employee), rapidly-growing businesses that focus on innovation and customer service.

Now, you are just a few minutes away from discovering how to protect your business and the money and time you’ve invested in it, and how to leverage that protection to the end-goals you’re looking for, including more sales, higher profits, funding, licensing, and more — maybe even better positioning and valuation for an IPO or acquisition.

Whether this is your first business that’s taken off, or another ‘trip around the block,’ you’ve found the right place to begin your intellectual property journey. 

My goal for you is that you’ll experience all the joys of success – emotional and financial – without the pain of failure and loss.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.