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"An inventor is a man who asks 'Why?' of the universe and lets nothing
stand between the answer and his mind." John Galt, Atlas Shrugged
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Thrasher Associates is unique among small firms. For starters, all of our professionals have start-up experience. Our professionals have average more than ten years of experience in their fields of practice, and each practice typically touches on a variety of skills and technologies. When you visit our office, depending on your needs, a consultation with one or two attorneys will likely enable you to identify and address the most important intellectual property issues confronting your invention, start-up, or growing technology business.

Perhaps you've encountered "the attorney herd" before -- you go to a large law firm -- in the room is a patent attorney ($500/hr), corporate attorney ($500/hr), trademark attorney ($500/hr), copyright attorney ($500/hr), contracts/licensing attorney ($500/hr), and/or an open source attorney ($500/hour, if they can find one) and a couple of associates who, let's face it, are there to learn ($250/hr each). There could be more (in case you're not counting, that's $3,500/hour). Or, if they weren't all in the room at once, you were eventually passed around to these persons. I know, I've worked for a large firm, and every year we get files from these firms with billing statements that make us cringe "at seeing the attorney herd syndrome".

This is because big firms allow single attorneys to micro-focus their practice very narrowly. While this approach fits the needs of large companies with predictable and large workflows, and when highly unusual legal needs arise, the time required to get the attorneys up to speed on a single start-up can easily exceed $10,000--and, that's just to get to know you. If you've been there before, you've likely experienced "file sharing" -- where lawyers under tremendous big-firm billing pressure bill for "reviewing matter" for no apparent reason, and "generate file-memo regarding client matter." Does anyone really believe that an attorney can honestly bill 2600 hours/year (that's 50-hours/week, every week)?

At Thrasher Associates, none of our professionals have annual minimum billable hours. Our priority is client satisfaction. We efficiently and professionally evaluate your needs and craft a customized action plan to protect your intellectual property within the confines of a realistic budget, and then we execute that plan for a fraction of what large firms charge. It just makes sense; after all, we're on your side.

The following example rate quotes are for typical jobs, and are not a quote for your particular project. Additional fees may apply for "exceptional" cases. Fees do not include government fees, and should be considered in view of the entire patenting process budget.

Patent Application Budgets (does not include filing fees or drawing fees)

Mechanical (simple 5,450 +
Electrical or Software 7,200 +
Design 1,500
Continutation 4,500 +

Office Action Response Budget

Basic 900
Simple 2,450
Complex 3,950

Opinion Letter Budgets

Freedome to Operate Call for pricing
Patentability Knock-out Search 1,500
Patent Novelty search and opinion 1,500
Trademark Availability Opinion 1,500 + T&T

Search Fees

Infringement or Non-infringement Call for pricing
Intellectual Property Analysis Call for pricing
Patent Matrix Analysis Call for pricing
Valuation Opinions 3,000 +
Design-around Hourly + expenses


Open Source Compliance Call for pricing
Trade Secret Compliance Call for pricing
Hourly Rates Varies by associate; $200-$600/hour
Copyrights $750/each (includes copyright office fees)
Trademarks $950/class (includes patent office fees and knock-out search)

Please call for other opinion related services.

Policy for engagement for services.

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