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"An inventor is a man who asks 'Why?' of the universe and lets nothing
stand between the answer and his mind." John Galt, Atlas Shrugged
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Thrasher Associates is the firm for start-up companies and inventors in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. All of our attorneys, technical writers, and paralegals have experience in the start-up environment, and understand the pressure crucible it is. We don't just think in terms of 'our service' being your solution, but have a rare ability to identify many hidden issues unique to start-ups and independent inventors, and then manage them.

Thrasher Associates provides quality intellectual property (IP) advice for start-ups and individual inventors. We guide clients in all aspects of intellectual property, including invention identification, invention recording and disclosure, design-arounds, budgeting, IP Strategy mapping, IP valuation, patentability and infringement opinions, patenting, licensing, trade secrets, trade dress, trademarks and copyrights. We also have expertise in reviewing corporate documents, including IP provisions in employment agreements, merger and acquisition documents, confidentiality, non-compete, and non-use documents.

Independent inventors deserve a personal attention. We offer access to experienced professionals who offer an average of more than fifteen years of intellectual property (IP) experience at a cost significantly lower than that offered by "large firms." We have among our clients successful licensees, start-ups, and nationally recognized inventors.

Start-up clients need professional assistance to identify, manage, and solve the many legal issues common to new business endeavors, without bringing in an army of attorneys. We provide IP advice and management, as well as free access to our rolodex, as well as unique tools for training inventors and management about IP. Many start-ups consider us their 'Chief Intellectual Property Officers' (CIPO).

We provide the experience that independent inventors, start-ups, and emerging companies need. Today, Thrasher Associates serves domestic and international clients, in most phases of intellectual property consultation, including budgeting, open-source compliance, patentability/infringement opinions, patenting, licensing, trade secrets, trademarks, trade dress, open source compliance, and copyrights. Our professionals have significant experience in all these areas, and have drafted hundreds of patent applications involving various types of mechanical, electrical, process, software, business method, e-commerce and composition inventions.

Our attorneys provide numerous intellectual property seminars for organizations such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Enterprise Forum, the Inventor's Association of Arizona, the Dallas Inventor's Association, and many other organizations. Our attorneys frequently publish, and their credits include many articles for scholarly journals, as well as a soon to be published book on copyright law. In addition, we have been interviewed by well-known media such as KTVT-8 in Dallas, the Dallas Business Journal, DFW Tech-Biz, CBS TV, and ABC radio. Please contact us if you have a media request.

Steven is an intellectual property attorney licensed with the Patent Office who assists businesses, particularly start-ups and early-stage companies, with identifying and mapping intellectual assets, crafting licensing, and supporting litigation related to intellectual property. His experience includes intellectual property litigation, patent prosecution, trademark prosecution, and copyright prosecution, Digital Millennium Copyright Act compliance, trade secret compliance, open source software, licensing program drafting/review, due-diligence reviews/opinions, trade secret litigation, trademark litigation, and asset valuation. Steven has managed transactions in Europe, Canada, Asia and Latin America. Clients have used his assistance to 'go public', receive private placements, achieve acquisition, secure investment, and stop infringement.

Steven has served as a Director of the United Inventors' Association of America, and serves on the Board of the Dallas MIT Forum. Steven has authored many publications including the E-Copyright Practice Manual by Aspen Publishing, and made television and radio appearances.

Steven received M.B.A. & J.D. degrees from Baylor, and degrees in Electrical Engineering & Finance from Auburn. He completed additional studies in international law at Oxford University, England, & the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara. Prior to law school, he wrote avionics software for McDonnell Douglas's F-18 E/F strike-fighter, & Star Wars program.

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